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The National Convener of Umpires shall be elected at the Bi-Annual General meeting of the South African Schools Netball (SASN). The Convener shall be a member of the SASN Executive.

The NCU shall place umpires for various National tournaments. The Umpires shall be appointed by the provinces.

The NCU shall communicate on an ongoing basis with Provincial Conveners regarding membership, examination results and guidelines for grading of umpires.

The NCU shall meet with the Provincial Conveners twice a year if possible.


The Grading Committee shall consist of four (4) members elected at the Bi-Annual General Council meeting of the SASN. The NCU shall be the chairperson of the GC. If not available, the NCU shall appoint a chairperson. Each member shall hold a portfolio. A secretary shall be appointed from the committee to assist the NCU.

The GC shall carry the following responsibilities:

 To determine and interpret policy matters on an ongoing basis.

 To assist the NCU with decisions and actions concerning disciplinary measures and/or any other matters.

 To assist the NCU in accordance with agreed guidelines with the placement of umpires at all National Tournaments.


The Provincial Convener shall monitor all the Districts in the province.

The PC shall provide all the Districts with the necessary information regarding examinations, membership and grading of umpires.

The PC’s responsibility to each District includes:

 Examination and grading of umpires at least once a year by accredited members from NSA/SASN i.e. B, B+ and A

 To send information received from NCU

 To provide Districts with grading cards

 To sign all provincial grading cards

 To be present at the provincial executive meeting where officials are appointed to attend national tournaments

 To order examination papers

The PC and provincial chairperson must be informed when umpires of the District/Province are appointed for National /International duty.


4.1 The pass mark for all written examinations shall be as follows:

Beginners      70%

Level 1  75%

Level 2  80%

Level 3  80%

Technical  80%

4.2 Examination papers and rule books must be ordered directly from SASN

4.3 Results of examinations will be sent to the PC and provincial chairperson

4.4 The examination is valid while the grading is current.


5.1 SASN/NSA u/19 Tournament

National “A”, “B+”, “B”, “C+”, “C” and Provincial “A”, “B+” and “B” may umpire at this tournament. The highest grading on offer is SASN “A”.

The grading panel should consist of officials with a “B” or higher grading with the proviso that “A” graded umpires form part of the evaluation of “A’s”

5.2 All Ages Tournament

National “A”, “B+”, “B”, “C+”, “C”, “D+”, and provincial “A”, B+”, “B”, “C+” and “C” may umpire at this Tournament. The highest grading on offer is an SASN “A”.

The grading panel should consist of all officials with a “B” and higher grading, with the proviso that “A” graded umpires form part of the evaluation of the “A’s”

5.3 SASN Satellite Tournaments

All SASN graded umpires and provincial :A”, “B+”, “B”, “C+” and “C” are allowed to umpire at this tournament. The highest grading on offer is SASN “B”.

5.4 SASN Schools Challenge

The Schools’ challenge umpires are appointed by the NCU. National “A”, “B+” and “B” graded umpires will be appointed. No grading will be done at this event.


6.1 Only yellow grading cards will be issued for national tournaments.

6.2 An administration fee of R20.00 includes umpire membership per annum.

6.3 All SASN umpires’ gradings are valid for three (3) years.


All SASN graded umpires must undertake a fitness test annually. The ”Bleep Test” must be conducted prior to the Tournaments by the PC. Proof must be provided to the NCU by the PC. The current minimum level is a level 4.0 and a maximum 7.0.


8.1 Any SASN graded umpire who fails to maintain his/her standard at the National Tournaments, shall not be re-graded.

Any umpire who fails to be graded within a three year period, shall lose his/her SASN grading; he/she must then rewrite and pass the Level 2 examination before being eligible for national grading again.

8.2 All panel members shall see candidates for the duration of the game.

8.3 The final recommendation of the grading must be approved by a majority vote.

8.4 In the event of an equality of votes, the NCU shall have the casting vote.

8.5 The president shall ratify all gradings.

8.6 All umpires shall be afforded the opportunity to collect their performance assessment on the last day of the Tournament. Verbal feedback on matches will be done.

8.7 All SASN “A”, “B+” and “B” graded umpires present at the national tournaments may be requested to be graders.

8.8 Neutral umpires shall be allocated to matches, wherever possible.

8.9 All umpires must abide by the rules of IFNA, NSA and SASN.

8.10  SASN gradings on offer are: “A”, “B+”, “B”, C+”, “C”, “D+”, “D”, “E+” and “E:”. To qualify for a grading, an umpire will be assessed not only on their competence in the interpretation of the rules and subsequent decision making, but also on the application of the following protocol (Rules for Behavior):

A. BEFORE THE MATCH (Rule 3.1.2)

 Check the court and its surroundings, goalpost and ball.

 Inspect players for uniform. Jewelry, adornments, correct length of fingernails, off the court.

 Appoint Official Timekeepers/Scorer

 Toss for “sides”

B. DURING PLAY (Rule 3.3.3)

 Umpire on “off” side carries the ball out to Centre, backs off the court.

 Meet and greet at intervals/match end and walk off the court together.

 Agree on centre pass

 Tell the scorer who has the next centre pass.

 Keep an eye open to respond to possible fellow-umpire query and with eye/small signal, respond.

 Signal direction of centre pass.


 When “time” is requested by an on court player (and play is in your half) ASK WHY?

 In the case of an injury/blood call, blow the whistle to signal the timekeepers to hold time: high straight arm, long whistle roll.

 Move AWAY from the site of injury, to the nearest intersection. The other umpire responds by moving diagonally opposite, so that the whole court is covered.

 Note where the ball was, without picking it up or holding it.

 As soon as treatment is completed, get teams back in position immediately.

 Restart

D. ENDING THE GAME (Including quarter and half time)

 Turn to face the Timekeeper, high, straight arm, long whistle roll.

 Meet and greet fellow umpire, collect ball, walk off court together.

 Thank scorer and timekeeper.

8.11  The NCU shall keep a register of all SASN graded umpires.

8.12  All umpires shall wear clothes that are white or cream in colour. Suitable sports footwear shall be worn.

8.13  Umpires who wish to umpire at national tournaments must be available for the full duration of the event, being either an appointed official or serving on the LOC.

8.14  All umpires attending national tournaments shall be allocated at least one (1) match per day wherever possible.


The presenter of all Rules discussions conducted under the auspices of SASN shall be eligible for an honorarium of not less than R300.00. An additional amount for transport and accommodation shall be considered.

The following match fees are suggested and shall apply at all levels of competition excluding Provincial and/or National events, to umpires acting in a neutral capacity.


SASN A/ NSA A or B+ or B   R100.00

SASN B+ or B & Prov A   R80.00

All nationally graded umpires are deemed to be members of SASN and are eligible and entitled to officiate in Secondary and Primary school matches throughout South Africa, when and where invited/requested to do so.


Any fully affiliated member of SASN may apply for membership. All SASN graded umpires shall apply for SASN membership.

10.1 A membership fee of R10.00 per person per annum. These fees must be paid by the latest at the national tournaments.

10.2  New members may register any time during the year however no pro rata fees will be applicable.

10.3  All paid-up members shall be issued with membership cards annually.

10.4  Application forms for membership are obtainable from the PC.


Any complaint on the conduct of umpires shall be lodged in writing with a deposit of R100.00. If the appeal is upheld the money will be refunded.


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